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32nd National and 1st International Geosciences Congress 

Petroleum Geology,
Exploration of Hydrocarbon Resources,
Geological Hazards and Environmental Exploration and Extraction of oil fields

Main topics

1. Petroleum Geology

Subsurface geology, subsurface stratigraphy, petroleum systems, diapirism, tectonics, Geology and modeling of hydrocarbon reservoirs, electro facies and the defining reservoir rock types

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2. Exploration of hydrocarbon resources

Geophysics, petroleum geochemistry and well logging, and evaluation of petroleum bearing formations


3.Geological and environmental hazards of oilfields exploration and extraction

Natural leakage of the earth surface, pollution related to drilling industry and site ion of petroleum establishments


Location: Iran, Khuzestan Province- Ahvaz


Date: 16 - 19 February 2014

Scientific Secretary: Dr. Alireza  Shahidi

Executive Secretary: Mr. Ali Azhdari

Executive Committee: Mrs. Mahya Moosavi, Dr. Alireza Karimi Bavandpour and Mr. Omid Ardabili

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